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Quora Masterclass

How to Monetize Quora Course

How to Monetize Quora Course

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In 2019 I started using the question and answer platform Quora. What started as a simple way to get my thoughts and experiences out around SaaS, sales and marketing, became a business growth engine that generated over $130,000 for both myself and the companies I worked for. To date, my Quora answers have generated over 3,000,000 views.

This money from Quora came from direct earnings (Quora answers that led to sales for the businesses that I worked for and freelance job opportunities), and indirect earning (podcasts, webinars, content collaborations and co-promotions that in turn drove sales and sponsorships). Google Analytics allows you to follow your Quora traffic and the Quora pixel helps you know when conversions from Quora occur.

As I was browsing the web I realized there was a healthy amount of content around Quora (even the business aspect of it), but there was very little that got specific. It was all high-level advice, not actually digging into the nuts of bolts of how people were monetizing this. 

This is a shame because there is a huge market opportunity with Quora. Besides the organic content, which I think is the core of the platform, you can also run ads. These ads hit a 300 million user audience, and at a small fraction of the cost of Facebook or Google ads. I have some ads that were doing 7% CTR! I definitely never had FB ads doing that. 

So I decided to write a course on it. In the course, I break things down into 5 sections, starting with the basics for anyone new to Quora, and then getting detailed.

Module 1: Navigating Quora 

Module 2: Anatomy of an ideal answer 

Module 3: Questions and Analytics

Module 4: Networking and Relationship Development 

Module 5: Quora Paid Services 

The information and full write-up are in a PDF guide (40+ pages long with text and images). There is no Quora Ad Library like there is for Facebook Ads but I have compiled a dozen samples for you so you can get inspired.

I have absolute confidence that this course will pay itself back quickly and so things will come with a 100% money-back guarantee (All I ask is people actually try the techniques talked about in the guide!).

I am really excited about getting this information out and helping businesses thrive.

Some specific things you will learn from this course:

  • How to find ideal questions with the most impact
  • How to network/relationship build on Quora
  • How to get more reach out of your content on Quora
  • How to use Quora Ads effectively (10+ examples)
  • How to structure an effective answer on Quora
  • How to use Quora in a B2B business context
  • How Spaces, Topics and Quora Analytics work

You will also get lots of real examples of best spaces to follow and top-performing answers both from myself and from other top business, marketing and software minds on Quora!

You can hear me discuss monetizing Quora on the following podcasts:

If you have questions, don't hesitate to email me at

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  • Rajiv Nathan, CEO at The Start-up Hypeman

    "There are a bunch of podcast booking agencies who you can pay. But you're usually paying money to get mass blasted to a bunch of shows which actually damage your brand and your reputation in the process. Ditch the spammy agencies and implement this system instead because it flat. out. WORKS. It's so easy to follow, and you maintain your integrity and authenticity in the process.I got on 9 top podcasts in only 2 months!"

  • Jennifer Turliuk, CEO at Makerkids

    "This course was incredible.I booked a top 5% podcast in my first 3 days!"

  • Dillon Carter, CEO at Vendrive

    "Casey's podcast course was incredibly straightforward. So straightforward thatI booked myself on six podcasts within 24 hours of applying the methods, with more in my pipeline that I'm following up with. I'm also in an incredibly small industry — I can't imagine how many I would have booked in a regular industry."

  • Yash Chavan, Partnerships at Sunsama

    "I've booked my client on 20 podcasts in one month and they couldn't be happier!Thank you. What I liked most about your course was the Listen Notes filters and email copy template/breakdown you provided. I was able to use your methods to craft an amazing pitch that got good replies. Amazing resource, well worth the $!"

  • Justin Zimmerman, Head of Partnerships at SalesMessage

    "I barely dipped my toes in the water and the3 or 5 podcasts I've booked have definitely added to the number of profile views I get on LinkedIn and consulting leads. Plus, it's been great for my personal brand. People are recognizing me as an expert and someone they want to work with. So I can't wait to jump further into Casey's podcast booking process!"