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Website Review

Website Review

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Over the last decade, I have reviewed thousands of websites. 

While many brands do a decent job of "what" they do, there are huge messaging and positioning gaps when it comes to "why", "how" and "for who".

There is an overwhelming amount of jargon and confusing copy dressed up as "on brand".

Brands shy away from sharing full and transparent testimonials, that feature actual clients talking about the impact they have received, with specificity and depth. 

Cookie cutter square block format and generic stock imagery are commonplace. 

Pricing pages often leave immense amounts of money on the table through sub-optimized positioning and poor clarity on value.

This offer is simple. You get a senior marketing executive with 10 years of experience, who has helped hundreds of brands with CRO, has written copy that has gathered millions of views, and sold everything from software products to digital courses to eCommerce merchandise, to help optimize your website for $250.

If you implement all the changes I recommend and don't see increased website conversion, I will give you 100% of your money back. 

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  • Rajiv Nathan, CEO at The Start-up Hypeman

    "There are a bunch of podcast booking agencies who you can pay. But you're usually paying money to get mass blasted to a bunch of shows which actually damage your brand and your reputation in the process. Ditch the spammy agencies and implement this system instead because it flat. out. WORKS. It's so easy to follow, and you maintain your integrity and authenticity in the process.I got on 9 top podcasts in only 2 months!"

  • Jennifer Turliuk, CEO at Makerkids

    "This course was incredible.I booked a top 5% podcast in my first 3 days!"

  • Dillon Carter, CEO at Vendrive

    "Casey's podcast course was incredibly straightforward. So straightforward thatI booked myself on six podcasts within 24 hours of applying the methods, with more in my pipeline that I'm following up with. I'm also in an incredibly small industry — I can't imagine how many I would have booked in a regular industry."

  • Yash Chavan, Partnerships at Sunsama

    "I've booked my client on 20 podcasts in one month and they couldn't be happier!Thank you. What I liked most about your course was the Listen Notes filters and email copy template/breakdown you provided. I was able to use your methods to craft an amazing pitch that got good replies. Amazing resource, well worth the $!"

  • Justin Zimmerman, Head of Partnerships at SalesMessage

    "I barely dipped my toes in the water and the3 or 5 podcasts I've booked have definitely added to the number of profile views I get on LinkedIn and consulting leads. Plus, it's been great for my personal brand. People are recognizing me as an expert and someone they want to work with. So I can't wait to jump further into Casey's podcast booking process!"